Why Xtendamix

Ever been in a  club and half way through notice that the video stops for a short scene some talking? Well on TV that's fine, but in a nightclub, the dance floor will stop, if not clear. Music videos are great eye candy for people to watch, however they are still there to dance with the music. So, we have taken all talking out of the video to make it more suitable for a club environment.

We have also taken the most popular mix of the song. Sometimes the videos is a different mix (such as a pop mix), so we use the most popular one. We play with new material, classics, charts and dance and able to fill every void possible. Our videos are clean and high quality so you no longer have to worry about that TV bug in the corner of the screen all night. All videos also have high quality audio, so no change the levels for every mix.

20 to 25 New videos a week. Most videos have intros & outros. The videos will be combined with new material, recurrents, classics and requests. Videos are added as soon as we receive permission from the labels. We need to obtain permission for every video we use. However, if it is a slow month for videos or we can't obtain permission right away. Requests are also accepted. All videos are all tested and  this will give you the best video quality and resolution without stretching the video. We also encode using widescreen settings if it permits, so the videos don't look stretched on the screen.